Participation in the exhibition TOUR NATUR 2017 in Dusseldorf

It is with great joy that we are participating for the first time in the exhibition TOUR NATUR  2017 to be held in Dusseldorf, Germany. We will be at Region of Peloponnese Hall No 6, Stand F12 looking forward to meet you so that you can have the chance to meet us and talk about the signposted European Trek Trail E4, Peloponnese, which starts at Diakopto, Achaia, and ends up in Gytheio, Laconia.

We are going to present you a large part of Mythical Peloponnese and, to be more specific, we are going to present you 125 fascinating kilometers traversing through Achaia and Arcadia, from Diakopto to Tripoli.

Our hotel, Arhontiko Kordopati, sponsors E4 Peloponnese as it is located at the 5th stage of the course in Dara, Arcadia, a picturesque village, characteristic of Greek natural beauty and hospitality. E4 trek trail is fully signposted and visitors are able to trek along on their own, without a mountain guide, geared only with analytical details about the path that our company provides beforehand.

This is an opportunity for mountaineers and nature lovers in general to enjoy trekking stress-free and tent-free, equipped only with a backpack. Our package holidays include a luggage service, your stay at hotels and transportation wherever this is necessary between the stages of E4 Trek Trail.

As you trek along this magnificent path, you have the opportunity to view rare species of flora and fauna, visit archaeological and historical sites and monuments and, above all, let us not forget that Arcadia is in the very centre of Peloponnese; therefore, visitors have easy access to adjacent regions to relish their beauty and rich history.

We will be happy to meet with you at Region of Peloponnese Hall No 6, Stand F12 in order to let you know more about our package holidays, answer your queries and provide you with a taste of the Mainalon mountain range, the magical Arcadian mountains.

If you wish, we can arrange for a meeting to facilitate the process and make it more convenient.

Best regards

E4 Peloponnese Team

Address: Dara, Arcadia, 22002, Greece
Tel: +306995991807,  +302796041275,   +306978134574


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